Trimeresurus stejnegeri stejnegeri

Chinese Green Tree Viper, Bamboo Viper


保育等級: 非保育類


蝮蛇科;Crotalinae 亞科(蝮亞科)
Viperidae; subfamily Crotalinae (Pitvipers)
90 cm
廣泛分布台灣全島與蘭嶼1500 m 以下低海拔地區。
Small snake; total length up to 90 cm. There are 15-29 (21 at mid-body) rows of scales, which are keeled and rough. Head is broad, roughly triangular, covered with small and smooth scales, and distinct from neck; body is stout or robust; tail is small. There is a prominent angular ridge from upper eye to end of nose, and a prominent pit three to five times the size of the nostril between eye and nostril. Eye is medium-sized, high on head, forms slight bulge on upper head; iris is distinctly rusty brown or brick red, flecked with cream, and pupil is vertically elliptical, black, with narrow margin of cream or light orange. Tongue is dark gray to black, with stem lighter than fork tips. Fangs are large, movable, in sheath in anterior part of upper jaw. Upper head and body are uniform dark green to chartreuse, while sides of head and ventral surface are light yellow green to pale green. Tail is variable, may be same green as rest of body, but usually tinged dorsally with dull diffuse rusty red or brown. Frequently a a white or light cream line can be found extending from the lower edge of eye posteriorly over the corner of mouth, and in males white line may be bordered by another brick-red or rust-colored line. A white stripe, bordered ventrally with dark red extends along the first body scale row in most males, whereas there is no such dark red stripe in most females. Very few individuals are without lateral stripes. Anal scale is entire, and subcaudals are paired.
此夜行性樹棲 蝮亞科 蛇類經常被人在山區溪流或路邊溝渠旁遇到休息或覓食的個體。青蛙是牠最愛的美食,也會獵捕小型哺乳動物、鳥類和蜥蜴。母蛇於夏季產下 2-15 條幼蛇,幼蛇體長約 25cm。大約一年可成熟。牠有一條有力的尾巴幫助牠攀爬、纏繞,並且再遇敵時可震動發出警告
赤尾青竹絲擁有很高的抗寒能力(最低可在 14° C 的環境下活動), 在北台灣即使在冬季仍然可以在野外找到不少個體。特別一提的是牠們通常喜歡在雨中或雨後出來活動。
Trimeresurus: 意思是"有三節尾巴的" (Gotch, A.F. 1986. Reptiles - Their Latin Names Explained. - Blandford Press. 176 pp.);
stejnegeri: 根據 Leonhard Hess Stejneger (1851-1943) 的名子來命名的。他是一位在挪威出生的爬蟲學家,後來再1881年移居至美國並且在1889擔任史密森學會(Smithsonian Institution)的爬行動物館館長。 in 1889.