Gonyosoma frenatum

Rein Snake

灰 腹綠錦蛇

保育等級: 非保育類


黃頷蛇科,Colubrinae 亞科
Colubridae, subfamily Colubrinae
150 cm
由於灰腹綠錦蛇數量稀少,且再1996年才首次被人發現在屏東。目前只在東南部海拔 1200 公尺以下有零星的紀錄。
Medium-sized snake; total length up to 150 cm. There are 13-21 (17-19 at mid-body) rows of scales, which are smooth or feebly keeled except those on the flanks. Head is long and slightly triangular, with pointed snout; body is slender and laterally compressed; tail is very long and prehensile. Eye is medium to large; iris is cream to yellow with black pigment anteriorly and posteriorly, and pupil is round, black, with less distinct, narrow ring of light yellow. Tongue is cream to dull red flanked by diffuse white pigment. There are no loreals. Upper head, body and tail are uniform green to dark green. There is usually a black stripe from the nose bypassing the eye to the jaw base; the supralabials are light yellow. Ventral surface is pale green to white, usually more yellow in head and neck; the sides of ventral scales on body and tail are keeled. Anal scale is divided and the subcaudal scales are paired. Coloration of the young does not resemble that of the adult. Upper surface is gray to brown, with light-bordered black stripes on upper head and nape, and may be with oblique, irregular, black crossbars on upper body. Ventral surface of head and the supralabials are whitish but marked with black spots. The majority of ventrals bears two dark lateral spots.
此日型性蛇類喜歡棲息在竹林、灌木等低矮植物密集處。牠以捕食青蛙、蜥蜴、老鼠與鳥類維生。母蛇於夏季產下一窩 5 枚左右的的蛋。每枚長寬約為 4.5 cm * 1.7 cm 。
步驟 1: 前進一小段
步驟 2: 全身僵硬保持上一個姿勢不動
步驟 3: 模仿被風吹動的枝條左右擺動
Gonyosoma 來自 Wagler 誰喜歡 Stejneger, 是提供希臘詞源的19世紀罕見的作者。在目前的情況下- gony (角度), soma (身體), 可能是許多“老鼠”蛇所特有的尖角腹側交界處。
"frenatum" 則是來自拉丁文形容牠的黒眉。