Sinonatrix annularis

Ringed Water Snake

赤 腹游蛇

保育等級: 保育類 (第三級)


黃頷蛇科,Natricinae 亞種
Colubridae, subfamily Natricinae
100 cm
This snake is small to medium in size; total length up to 106 cm. There are 17-19 (19 at mid-body) rows of scales, which are keeled except those on the flanks. Head is oval; body is stout and round; tail is moderately long. Eye is medium-sized; iris is dark brown to black, slightly dappled with irregular areas of yellow brown, and pupil is black, round, surrounded by light yellow brown ring, sometimes off center, i.e. toward upper part of eye. Tongue is fresh color to red, darkened by diffuse black pigment, fork tips lighter than stem. Upper head is uniform dark gray to gray brown. The labials are yellow to yellow tan, with vertical or oblique black bands at sutures. Upper body and tail are gray to olive brown, with irregularly shaped black designs on sides. The lateral designs may have diffuse white to cream centers, with scattered spots of white or cream nearby, and usually continuous with ventral bands. Ventral head is dirty white to cream; the posterior gulars may possess black margins. Ventral neck is dirty white, tinted with orange which progressively more intense posteriorly; ventral body and tail also bear scattered quadrangular marks of prominent black pigment which are irregularly arranged on sides. Anal scale is divided and subcaudals are paired.
赤腹游蛇為夜行性蛇類,通常出沒在水田、沼澤和池塘等等溼地區域。牠以青蛙、蝌蚪還有魚類為食。胎生,春夏季交配,母蛇於夏末到秋季間產下一窩 1 -14 條的幼蛇。初生幼蛇約 20cm長。
Sinonatrix: "Sino" 是新拉丁文 "中華、中國"; natrix 是拉丁文 "水蛇、游蛇";
annularis 是來自拉丁文,有 "環狀、帶狀" 之意。
赤腹游蛇 、半紋蛇、赤鏈華游蛇、紅豬母、水赤鏈游蛇。